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Pre-Planning Checklist

Remember that preplanning your funeral is a thoughtful gift to your loved ones, providing them with clear guidance during a challenging time while ensuring that your wishes are respected and honored. It's advisable to consult with a funeral director or legal expert to assist you in this process and make sure all legal requirements are met.

Determine Your Wishes:

Decide on your preferences for burial or cremation.
Choose the type of funeral service you desire (traditional, memorial, celebration of life, etc.).

Document Vital Information:

Compile essential documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and military records.

Specify Funeral Service Details:

Outline your preferred service location (funeral home, place of worship, etc.).
Specify any religious or cultural customs you want to be observed during the service.

Casket or Urn Selection:

Decide on a casket or urn that aligns with your wishes and budget.

Cemetery or Final Resting Place:

Choose a burial plot or location for your ashes. Ensure all relevant paperwork is in order.

Service Elements:

Specify any music, readings, or personal touches you'd like to include in the service.

Obituary and Eulogy:

Provide details for your obituary and consider writing a eulogy or leaving instructions for one.

Financial Arrangements:

Determine how your funeral expenses will be covered (prepaid funeral plan, life insurance, etc.).

Legal and End-of-Life Documents:

Ensure your will, advance healthcare directive, and any other legal documents are up-to-date.
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