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Where to Begin

At Zeyer Funeral Chapel in Nampa, Idaho, throughout the years we have come to recognize something truly invaluable, but something that is unnoticed by most: a funeral or memorial service allows family and close ones the chance to say goodbye to a loved one and initiates the healing process.

Consider This

An extravagant ceremony is not always necessary when saying farewell to a loved one. The most important part is getting together with loved ones to share memories and provide support. Ceremonies that honor your loved one's personality and lifetime accomplishments can be gorgeous yet straightforward. Full traditional burial, cremation, and graveside ceremonies are provided by our funeral chapel (a full list of services available may be found below). Traditional services may be held for cremations. We recognize that it may not always be feasible to pay your respects in person; therefore we can help with rapid cremations or burials and host obituaries of your loved one on our website.

We will be by your side the entire time to assist you in celebrating your loved one's life most movingly, no matter what you feel is suitable and best for them. We work hard to create a lovely and peaceful setting where loved ones and friends can be remembered. Call us right away to find out more about our cremation, burial, and cemetery services in Nampa.

Design a Service

A funeral is a chance for family and friends to get together and support one another in taking the initial stages of their recovery journey, whether it is official or casual, traditional or unconventional. A service can be held anywhere, including at your house, outside, or at one of our locations, and it might include music, poetry, or art to commemorate a life well lived. The service has limitless potential, and we're thrilled to go above and beyond what is required to fulfill your specific needs.

Our staff is skilled in comprehending and kindly addressing the demands of all beliefs, faiths, lifestyles, and interpersonal connections. We encourage you to take your time in determining the most appropriate and fitting method to memorialize your loved one and combine the things that you and your family find meaningful. We are here to answer your questions and advise you through the decisions you will need to make.

Caring for Remains

Once you've chosen how you'd like to celebrate your loved one's life journey, the next decision you'll face is about how you'd like to care for their physical remains. This can be a difficult or emotional choice for you and your family, and we'll provide you with the information you need as we help you to consider your options and make the decision that is right for your loved one and for your family. Once you've chosen between burial and cremation, there are a few additional decisions you'll face:
 • BURIAL: You'll need to select a casket and a cemetery, and choose between a ground burial and entombment in a mausoleum.
 • CREMATION: You'll need to select an urn and choose whether to bury, entomb, or scatter the cremated remains, as well as where you'd like to do so.
No matter the decisions you make, we will be there to help you explore your alternatives, weigh your options, and come to a decision that feels right for you and your loved one.
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